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SDH-1620L SDH/PDH Transmission Analyzer

Mô tả:

BER analysis: BER testing for PDH and SDH, performance analysis per G.821, G.826, G.828, G.829, M.2100 and M.2101, automatically compare test results with ITU-T recommendation

Anomaly and defect testing: Tx end transmitting anomaly and defect events, Rx end receiving anomaly and defect events with records and statistics, recorded events can be displayed in tables or graphics with filtering

Overhead testing: overhead emulating transmission and receiving analysis includes two parts. General part including J0/J1/J2/S1/V5/C2, and extended part, all the remaining overhead bytes except A1/A2, B1/B2/B3

Pointer analysis: generate G.783 pointer and NDF pointer, display pointer value in real-time, record pointer adjustment events including positive, negative and NDF

APS timing measurement: measure the network switchover time, insert K1K2 sequence at Tx end, preset protection switching trigger condition, capture K1K2 bytes at Rx end

Round trip delay testing: measure the signal transport time from Tx to Rx

Timing and synchronization testing: frequency accuracy testing, pull-in range and pull-out range testing

Tributary scan: auto scan each tributary status like E1, E4, E3/DS3 under AU4

TCM testing: TCM anomaly and defect and message string analysis

Optical power testing: real-time display Tx and Rx optical power

Remote control: remote operation on the instrument by connecting with PC

Embedded operation system, 10.4" TFT LCD, graphic user interface, touch screen and touch pen operation, practical function, easy and convenient operation, operation efficiency is 5 times of similar products

Simulated indicators for current and history alarm and error status, various information display, indicator quantity and type can be automatically set based on test signal and interface setting

Multiple tasks can be created and deleted dynamically and freely

External clock Tx & Rx interfaces

Mass data storage for BER and alarming event records, events can be displayed in tables or graphics with filtering

Test records may be saved as HTML or PDF format, and transferred to PC via USB

Built-in USB printer support