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SDH-1620A SDH/PDH Transmission Analyzer

Mô tả:

BER analysis: BER testing for PDH and SDH, performance analysis per G.821, G.826, G.828, G.829, M.2100 and M.2101, automatically compare test results with ITU-T recommendation

Anomaly and defect testing: Tx end transmitting anomaly and defect events, Rx end receiving anomaly and defect events with records and statistics, recorded events can be displayed in tables or graphics with filtering

Overhead testing: overhead emulating transmission and receiving analysis includes two parts. General part including J0/J1/J2/S1/V5/C2, and extended part, all the remaining overhead bytes except A1/A2, B1/B2/B3

Pointer analysis: generate G.783 pointer and NDF pointer, display pointer value in real-time, record pointer adjustment events including positive, negative and NDF

APS timing measurement: measure the network switchover time, insert K1K2 sequence at Tx end, preset protection switching trigger condition, capture K1K2 bytes at Rx end

Round trip delay testing: measure the signal transport time from Tx to Rx

Timing and synchronization testing: frequency accuracy testing, pull-in range and pull-out range testing

Tributary scan: auto scan each tributary status like E1, E4, E3/DS3 under AU4

TCM testing: TCM anomaly and defect and message string analysis

Optical power testing: real-time display Tx and Rx optical power

Remote control: remote operation on the instrument by connecting with PC