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OFT-1120A PON Power Meter

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OFT-1120A is a tester specially designed for FTTx/PON passive optical network testing, which can be connected to OLT and ONT so as to realize online synchronous measurement and display of optical signal. It is helpful assistant of PON network engineer technicians for field testing. This product is applied to the deployment and maintenance of EPON/GPON networks and services.

Test three wavelength signal including 1490nm, 1550nm, 1310nm

1310nm wavelength upstream burst signal testing

Dual-port design for pass through mode, support online monitoring and termination measurement

Provide ten groups of threshold selection, pass/alarming/fail, three indicators are correspondent with tested optical line status

Built-in 500 records and upload via USB port

- Real-time clock
- Sound and LED alarm indication
- Auto power-off
- Auto turn off backlight
- Battery indication
- Software online upgrade

- TFT true color display, touch screen operation
- Graphical interface, one interface can display all measurement results
- Analyze pass/alarming/fail conveniently through multiple user adjustable threshold values for every wavelength, and - provide ten groups of predefined user adjustable values
- Power values adapt green/yellow/red to distinguish pass/alarming/fail status
- Built-in large capacity Li-ion battery, ultra long operation time