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BER-1530 Data Transmission Analyzer

Mô tả:

G.703 E1 testing
- Out of service testing and in-service monitoring
- Alarm generation and error insertion
- Performance analysis according to ITU-T recommendation
- Pattern slips analysis
- Clock slips analysis
- Clock frequency offset testing
- Nx64K testing
- Frame setting and analysis
- PCM, time slot detection
- Time slot data display
- Histogram display
- Voice monitoring
- Auto testing
- Round trip delay testing
- APS, service disruption testing

V series interfaces testing
- V.24/RS232, V.35, V.36/RS449, EIA-530/530A, X.21 interface BER testing
- Performance analysis according to ITU-T recommendation

- Color touch screen TFT LCD
- Various errors insertion and detection, such as bit, Code, FAS, CRC
- Large capacity Li-ion battery guarantees more than 8 hours operation
- Large capacity data storage, 5000 records
- Test records can be transferred to PC via USB
- Powerful PC software E1 data management system for comprehensive management and analysis of test data