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GEA-8130A Ethernet Analyzer

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GEA-8130A is a handheld expert instrment for Ethernet deployment, maintenance, and troubleshooting. It supports 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 electrical interface and 100/1000Mbps SFP optical interface, monitors network operation status through termination mode or pass through mode, and supports comprehensive LAN testing and common network tool. Meanwhile, the instrment provides comprehensive network performance evaluation for the deployment and maintenance of networks and services through traffic analysis, BER, and RFC2544, IPDV testing. GEA-8130A is the right product meeting the current testing requirements for Ethernet applications in IP network, transport network and MSTP. Comprehensive test functions, various port configurations, flexible operation modes and friendly user interface make this product outstanding in the market.

Traffic performance analysis
- Support layer 2 or layer 3 wire-speed traffic generation
- Support two nested VLAN tags, QinQ
- Multi-stream configuration, up to 8 streams
- Statistics for received traffic

BER testing: support layer 2 or layer 3 BER testing

RFC2544 testing: support throughput, latency, frame loss rate and back-to-back testing

Frame packet capture: support capture, storage, and simple decoding of Ethernet data

Equipment identification: display key equipments in the network by analyzing received data

Network device scan: support for IP lookup in accordance with existing equipment and networks for open ports

Network problem discovery: discover common problems such as Web, E-Mail and other problems in the network through analyzing received data

Network health check: show the health status of the network through the statistics and diagnosis of the received data

Receive filter: support for filtering the received data and analysis

Terminal emulation: support PPPoE dial-up connection, Web browsing, FTP download testing

PoE testing: identify PoE device and test the power supply voltage

Common network tool: support PING, traceroute, flashing port, tone generation, link detection, and optical power testing

Cable testing: cable length, sequence, open, short, crosstalk testing, wiremap testing

Data management: support save, view, delete, copy and other operations of the test results