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IAT-1710A Integrated Access Tester

Mô tả:

G.703 E1 testing
- Abnormal defects and performance analysis
- Various alarms and error insertion
- E1 in-service monitoring

V series interface testing
- V.24/RS232 and V.35 interface error testing
- Various working mode settings
- ITU standard BER analysis

Ethernet testing
- Traffic generation: gigabit wiring speed traffic production capability, support VLAN label, IP QOS, PRBS code type setting
- Traffic statistics: make statistics for Tx/Rx frames, utilization rate, error frame, different length frame, VLAN frame, suspension frame, broadcast frame etc.
- RFC2544 testing: test throughput, latency, package loss rate and back to back buffer frames, check fully network performance indexes
- LAN testing: network equipment scanning, server performance testing, conflict detection etc.

- Support two layers protocol encapsulation (PPP/HDLC/FR protocol) on E1 (G.703) line, and support IP Ping testing
- Ping testing supports one to many model, and ping multiple addresses at the same time
- Connectivity testing: support PING, traceroute function
- Wiring testing: support cable length, wiremap, crosstalk testing and provide wiring diagnosis tools like port location, cable tracing etc.
- Physical port testing: support high and low level testing of electrical interface, and check if the network equipment can provide POE power supply
- PPPoE function: support PPPoE dial-up, make traffic testing based on PPPoE
- Data loopback: support data loopback functions of physical layer, MAC layer, network layer
- Terminal emulation: support wire speed FTP download and WEB browsing function
- Data management: easy to copy, check, delete and export testing data

- One tester with multiple functions, provide integrated testings of E1, V interface and Ethernet, IP PING testing by E1 or V interface
- Good compatibility: support end-to-end testing with E1 tester and Ethernet tester from DADI Telecom
- Small and portable: smaller and lighter compared with the similar product
- Optimized structure design: dustproof and anti-shock design for testing interface
- Advanced cooling system: ensure long and stable operation