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Aberdeen S41/S42 S-Series JBOD Expansion - 4U 45Bay SAS/SATA 6G

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4U 45-Bay SAS 6G Storage JBOD


The new Aberdeen JBOD S-Series S41/S42 are 6Gb/s SAS-based expansion enclosures that can accommodate forty-five  (45) SAS/SATA drives in a 4U form factor and features a redundant 1400W Gold Level power supply. The expansion enclosure allows users to easily attach terabytes of capacity to any Aberdeen server with either Areca-1880/1882 SAS or LSI SAS external minisas raid port.  Hot-Swap drive bays are used for the front and back of the chassis.  Twenty-four (24) front and twenty-one (21) rear hdd bays are provided.  Single and dual expander models are available for standard or high availablility scenario



    • 45 HDD in 4U (extreme drive density)
        • 6Gb/s SAS connectivity
            • Single or Dual LSI SAS2X36 expander chips
                • 3.5-inch disk drives
                    • Gold level high-efficiency 1400W power supply
                        • Redundant, hot-swappable cooling fans
                            • Quick Release, Tool-less rails



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