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Aberdeen AberSAN ZXP4 High Availability ZFS SAN (Dual 2U Head/JBODs)

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AberSAN ZXP4 HA (Dual 2U Head/JBODs) Expandable ZFS SAN Storage Subsystem

    Powered by Nexenta's incredible Nexentastor ZFS file system implementation, the AberSAN ZXP can be configured under a single Namespace/Volume that can start with a small amount of storage capacity and later be scaled to over 5 petabytes of continuous, uninterrupted storage in a single Namespace/Volume.

AberSAN ZXP features an intuitive web based GUI management that is used for both configuring the array(s), and for the control of a wealth of enterprise level software features. These features include, but are not limited to, unlimited snapshots and clones, block level replication, file level replication and management of virtualized storage.


    AberSAN ZXP is Cloud ready and Virtualization ready with features such as 128 bit addressing, huge storage file sizes, nearly unlimited clones and support for multiple, concurrent server virtualization vendors. Virtualization enables thin provisioning, while improving performance via I/O pooling, which actually improves performance as more storage is added. I/O performance can be further enhanced through the strategic deployment of optional, fast SSD drives in hybrid storage pools.

Software Defined Storage.


    The Aberdeen AberSAN ZXP4 Series and Petarack are prime examples of the new trend known as Software Defined Storage (SDS). SDS is an approach to data storage in which the programming that controls storage related tasks is decoupled from the physical storage hardware. Software defined storage puts the emphasis on storage services such as deduplication or replication, without locking the user into overpriced, proprietary hardware.


A whole host of industries, organizations and enterprises are moving towards software defined environments. By leveraging Software Defined Storage solutions to take their first critical steps, leading practice teams can now embrace the latest trends around mobility, social media and the “internet of things.” SDS provides solutions that are platform, application and protocol agnostic; that support flexible hybridized architectures and cloud-enabled environments.  Put simply: the efficiency and promise of SDS can't be ignored. The movement is here.  Organizations that achieve SDS faster will reap greater opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage.


    Aberdeen specializes in Software Defined Storage. The AberSAN ZXP4 series and the Petarack deliver secure, easily-managed, highly available, reliable, and scalable storage in an optimized software defined fashion.  Another area in which the impact of SDS can be seen is in a Big Data environment. AberSAN SDS solutions are perfect for Big Data as they provide a flexible architecture for large data stores where critical data can be transformed into valuable business intelligence with lightning speed.


AberSAN ZXP4 New Feature Highlights:

    • Dual Intel E5 Xeon 2600v3 (Haswell)
        • Up to 1TB of DDR4 (quad channel)
            • Intel X540 Dual port 10GBase-T
                • PCIE 3.0 expansion slots
                    • SSD Array and SSD Caching support
                      • Choice of JBOD


                      AberSAN ZXP4-Series OS Highlights:

                        • Dual ported SAS drives and Expanders enable HA

                            • Shared pools of storage from any combination of storage hardware

                                • Unlimited snapshots and clones

                                    • Unlimited file size

                                        • Block and file based replication

                                            • End to end data integrity

                                                • Thin provisioning

                                                    • Integrated search

                                                        • Hybrid storage pools via automated use of SSDs

                                                            • L2Aarc and ZIL Cache SSD Options for added IOPS

                                                                • Virtualization management

                                                                    • Cloud ready storage capabilities

                                                                        • In-line Deduplication

                                                                            • iSCSI Target Capable

                                                                              • Multi JBOD expandable





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