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The XDAS RAID storage subsystems feature breakthrough design architecture to offer unmatched storage capacities for an unprecedented price. The expandable and highly scalable storage capacity of the XDAS provides dependable storage.

Using scalable DAS as a framework for building cost-effective SATA RAID storage systems, the XDAS can be deployed easily via any external SAS, SCSI or Fibre port thus allowing a seamless integration into any existing IT infrastructure.

The Aberdeen XDAS can be daisy chained to each other to create a massive storage solution leaping past 1PB (Petabyte) of storage. Utilize the Aberdeen Direct Attached Storage selector to choose every detail from capacity to redundancy to VMware® certified down to the choice of host interface.

The Aberdeen XDAS-iSCSI, quad intelligent iSCSI RAID System, is the latest addition to the award-winning Aberdeen XDAS family. The XDAS-iSCSI offers an instant enterprise-grade storage solution designed to address the needs of post production and project studios dealing with high definition formats in need of quality storage access requirements.

The versatility of the XDAS external RAID storage stems from the scalability nature of storage array subsystems. As a scalable storage array the XDAS delivers expandable storage in excess of one petabyte. Unlike other purveyors of RAID servers, Aberdeen offers a choice in external RAID storage array solutions. Aberdeen provides the fastest data transfer speeds featuring SAS RAID technology via either SAS or Fibre connectivity. For environments in need of maximum capacity over transfer speeds, Aberdeen delivers the external RAID sporting SAS 6Gb/s enterprise level disk drives over SASFibre and SCSI connection. Choose which RAID Storage solutions is best suited for your environment.

The scalable XDAS series can be configured starting with an 8-bay 2U up to a whopping 24 terabytes in the 24-bay 4U model utilizing 1TB drives. Bundled with an Aberdeen Stirling serverAberNAS appliance or an AberSAN iSCSI SAN solution, the XDAS delivers additional scalable storage space of up to 54TB per SCSI channel80TB per SAS channel and 126TB per Fibre channel. Among the innovative features setting the XDAS apart from the field are host and OS independence, dual host failover clustering capability and an optional Fibre channel interface allowing its placement to be literally miles away from the server. Maximize network attached storage capacity, improve ROI and cost/GB ratio while increasing overall network performance with the XDAS scalable direct attached storage solution.

The advanced XDAS RAID storage subsystems deliver incredibly fast access to storage without compromising data integrity.  Redundant components and dual independent RAID controllers provide protected storage with unprecedented performance. The Aberdeen XDAS RAID boasts industry leading data transfer speeds with read throughput upwards of 968MB/s, thus making the XDAS external RAID storage array fast enough to support real-time, uncompressed, high-definition (HD) and multiple-stream (SD) video editing without dropping a frame.

The Aberdeen XDAS-HD video storage solutions can deliver an industry leading 1700MB/s transfer rate in Dual SAS card configuration and up to 1180MB/s in single SAS card configuration.  The XDAS-HD is designed to achieve untouchable performance speeds for high speed file transfers like high definition real time video editing or uncompressed 4K transfers.


Prominent Features

  • SAS / SATA / Fibre / SCSI / iSCSI Direct Attached Storage
  • Industry leading transfer rate speeds
  • Models providing up to 24TB
  • Scalable to 1PB - What is a Petabyte?
  • Daisy chain units for scalability
    • 3 SCSI XDAS boxes per channel
    • 4 SAS XDAS boxes per channel
    • 7 Fibre XDAS boxes per channel
  • Add additional JBOD units for increased storageSupport for server failover clustering
    • 3 JBOD boxes per port with redundant controller
    • 4 JBOD boxes per port with single controller
  • OS / Host independent
  • Full RAID capable
  • Introducing RAID 6
  • Superior performance w/ uncomplicated connectivity
  • Embedded, browser-based management tools
  • Fibre cabling can extend up to 10 Km
    (SAS/SCSI cabling is better suited for closer environments within 12 meters)
  • Hot-pluggable / Instant available storage
    (Fibre does not require re-boot of OS)
  • Best available cost / GB ratio
  • A 5 Year Warranty