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Date: 06/Aug, 2014

INFINITYTECH was appointed to be Authorized Reseller for D&R Electronica Audio On-air with full products ranger  in Vietnam.


Các sản phẩm hãng D&R Electronica sản xuất tập trung vào các dòng bàn trộn âm thanh cao, cấp chuyên dùng cho phát sóng trực tiếp, thích hợp cho các kênh Radio Internet, Broadcast.


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D&R Electronica Weesp b.v. has been operating for 41 years now. Which is an ideal time to stop for a moment and take a look back at the past, as well as towards the future. D&R was founded in March 1972 by (D)uco de Rijk and(&) (R)onnie Goene.

Their aim was to design and manufacture mixing consoles for the music industry that were both affordable and of high quality. Since then, the company has gone far beyond its pioneering phase, weathered various economic storms and has expanded into a concept in the professional audio world. Our export business worldwide to every country you can think of has brought with it a steady growth in turnover and widespread distribution among buyers.

Initially, D&R was a trend-setter in PA mixers. After that, we went into the studio recording sector and the world of broadcasting, Today, D&R is in the process of becoming a concept in its own right in the video and film audio post-production industry. This is a fast-growing industry which provides for the ever-growing demand for more image and sound information in every conceivable area. The enormous worldwide increase in radio and television broadcasters and the revitalized success of feature films for the cinema means that there is increasing demand for D&R products. The last 10 years D&R is mainly involved in Broadcast related products, such as the AXUM, Airmate-USB, AIRENCE, Airlab, Airmax, Lyra, Scorpius and Sirius mixers. Also our Hybrids are very popular.

This company profile will introduce you to the people behind D&R today - and the work they do for the company. We also like to thank all our suppliers. Suppliers who we can trust to cater quickly for the sometimes erratic demand for our products, We would also like to use this Company profile to say "thank you"  to our distributors and to their customers, who have made it possible for D&R to grow into a quality concept within the audio industry. Finally, we would like to thank all of our staff over the past 40 years for their unbelievable loyalty and input. It is these fine people who have made D&R into a dynamic and professional audio company for which virtually no task is impossible. It has been a fantastic challenge for our people, all of whom are united as part of this stable family company in a genuine passion for the professional audio industry.