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Date: 20/MAY, 2014

INFINITYTECH was appointed to be Authorized Reseller for Xeus Media full products ranger  in Vietnam.


Các sản phẩm hãng XeusMedia Technology phát triển bao gồm phần mềm phát sóng tự động , phần mềm đánh chữ đồ họa CG, phần mềm playback/record đa kênh, đa định dạng cho các đơn vị truyền thông và các công ty media company.




About Xeus:


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XeusMedia Technology, develops and distributes professional video applications for single- and multi-channel ingest solutions, character generator - graphics playout systems and (under development) Playout - Automation solutions systems worldwide.

XeusMedia Technology is committed to delivering software solutions and turnkey systems for professionals who are dealing with video production, acquisition and delivery. Our young and energetic team will deliver the best solution at affordable cost.

Our goal is to offer user-friendly, easy to maintain and robust solutions to media professionals.