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Aberdeen JBOD-A60 - 4U 60Bay SAS 12G Dual Controller JBOD

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High Performance Ultra Dense 4U Disk Expansion Unit


As an ultra-dense, scalable, and cost-effective disk expansion unit, JBOD-A60 is tailored to carry sixty (60) hot-swappable 3.5"/2.5", 12Gb SAS3/6Gb SATA3, HDDs/SSDs in a 4U enclosure with up to 480TB of storage capacity. Major components including power supplies, fans, and SAS interface modules are redundant and hot-swappable with high availability. The design is optimized for the general-purpose needs of enterprise and hyper scale datacenters where the lowest operational cost-per-watt and smallest footprint are critical to ever increasing data storage needs.


Full Redundancy with No Single-Point-of-Failure

JBOD-A60 supports dual high-efficiency redundant power supplies and four hot-swappable fans, ensuring reliability and continuous availability in mission-critical datacenter environments. Hot-swappable redundant SAS interface modules provides dual data paths and ensure continuous operation. Ultra-high storage densities can present substantial mechanical engineering challenges from the sheer mass of rotating media. Interference from vibration caused by hard disk rotation is isolated to assure reliability and high performance. With its innovative coverless, top load HDD design, JBOD-A60 significantly reduces service and maintenance complexity.


    • 60 HDD in 4U (extreme drive density)
        • Four 12Gb SAS Host Interfaces
            • High Reliability, Serviceability and Availability
                • Full Redundancy with No Single-Point-of-Failure
                    • Cost-effectiveness Shared Architecture
                        • Innovative coverless, top load HDD design
                          • Combination Trays for 2.5"/3.5" HDD/SSD





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