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Master Control Processors


The MC-4000 Digital Master Control Processor is an integrated system for handling the most demanding on-air operations in live, automated, or automation-assisted operating environments. The MC-4000 offers a full range of built-in and optional capabilities to handle all of the most commonly required on-air operations, including still and animated logo presentations, audio clip playback, and reliable, foolproof EAS message presentation.


The 3RU MC-4000 Processor frame can hold two independent signal processing channels, each of which can be switched “on the fl y” between SD and HD signal formats. All popular signal formats in both 50Hz and 60 Hz environments are supported.




· Dual-Channel Processor in a Compact 3RU Package        

· Switchable SD/HD Operation for each channel        

· Up to Four Keyers, Switchable Between Internal, External, and Logo Sources        

· Discrete, Embedded, or Mixed Audio Processing        

· Built-In Dual Squeezeback effects unit        

· Internal Audio and Video clip store for frequently-accessed material        

· Internal EAS Capability with Audio and Text Crawl Message Generation        

· Wide Range of Control Options for Manual or Automated Operation



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