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UTAH-100 Series 

The UTAH-100 family of compact routing switchers and signal distribution amplifiers offer a unique combination of features and performance at an affordable price that makes them very attractive for industrial and professional users as well as for broadcast applications. The family consists of both fixed-frame and modular         products for all signal types in 1RU and 2RU packages, offering unmatched flexibility in a wide range of applications.



The UTAH-100 Family
UTAH-100/UDS - Modular Distribution Amplifier with Routable Inputs-SD/HD Compatible-Including 3Gbps Formats.
UTAH-100/X - 8x8 and 16x16 Routers in 1 RU Frame - Multi-Channel DA Packages.
UTAH-100/1 - Modular system up to 16x16 in 1RU Frame - DA Modules with Three Outputs per Module.
UTAH-100/2 - Modular system up to 32x32 in 2RU Frame - DA Modules with Seven Outputs per Module.
UTAH-100/3 - Modular DA family with a variety of module options - 2RU frame holds up to 10 modules.
UTAH-100/XFD - Flexible platform for digital signal distribution and conversion, supporting a wide range of signal types and formats.