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        As a brand new model of CASTWIN, it is new released professional product which is the best performing & fully programmed High-end dual encoding with the highest video quality and low latency. It enables to transmit more Video channels and Audio channels at the available bandwidth as well as dual encode MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC simultaneously. Moreover, it is very easy to control with Hi-class front VFD. 


· Providing your customers with the best performance     compression and flawless picture quality

· Wide used in many projects with dual encoding of   MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC

· Reduce the cost of transmission as supporting Wide   range of bit-rate control and advanced video coding   techniques.

· Able to secure space with Compact and light weight   design

· Make operators pay for less labor fee as offering Quick   and easy setup

· Component, Composite, HDMI, HD/SD-SDI video inputs
· Ultra Low latency with high Video Quality
· Simultaneously dual and real time encoding MPEG-2/   MPEG-4 AVC
· 2 Stereo(4 channel) audio encoding
· Digital, Analog and  SDI embedded audio inputs.
· Additional 1xASI input for supporting of insertion of   externally generated PSIP into the transport stream.
· Various functions with integrated Advanced Scaler.
· Control of Frame rate, Image enhance, Phase Noise,   Correction of Color, Control of Gamma
· Provides internally generated PSI and PSIP.
· CBR or VBR outputs.
· Dolby Digital (AC-3), MPEG-1 Layer II, AAC-LC, audio   encoding.
· Supports internally generated TVCT, CVCT, SDT, NIT.
· Supports EIA-708 Closed caption insertion via HD   SDI(SMPTE 334).
· Control and monitoring via Web NMS(SNMP), front panel,   or NMS.
· Dual ASI and Gigabit Ethernet for MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC   Compressed sources.
· Encoding Latency 100ms