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GOSPELL GQ-3800B DVB-T2 Modulator

GQ-3800B is a highly reliable single-channel DVB-T2 modulator launched by GOSPELL, which compliant with the EN 302 755(DVB-T2) and EN 302 755 version 1.3.1(T2-Lite, option) standards, and be designed for digital terrestrial distribution of DTT network operators and TV broadcaster.


The GQ-3800B combines dual redundant ASI and Gigabit IP input interfaces for seamless switch between primary and slave interfaces that can greatly improve the stability and reliability of terrestrial distribution network. It supports T2 modulator interface (T2-MI) over ASI or IP input which from DVB-T2 gateway, suitable for MFN or SFN- networking. 


The GQ-3800B features a state-of-the-art linear/non-linear digital pre-correction that in order to optimize DTT transmitter performance and efficiency. It offers a wide range of UHF band DVB-T2 RF modulation output (470MHz to 860MHz) and various transmission and modulation modes, such as MFN, SFN, SISO, MISO, SPLP and MPLP. Moreover, the GQ-3800B supports Web and SNMP based management and control for local and remote parameters configuration and status monitoring.


Comply with DVB-T2 and T2-Lite (software option) standards
Supports data input in T2-MI or MPEG-TS format
Supports SFN/MFNSupports Single/Multiple Input Single Output (SISO/MISO)
Enhanced Digital Adaptive Pre-correction
Supports linear/non-linear Digital Adaptive Pre-correction, optional enhanced DAP
Dual ASI and IP input, supporting independent or 1+1 hot redundant(seamless switch)
QPSK/16QAM/64QAM/256QAM(standard or rotated) mode
Multiple signal bandwidth can be supported: 5M,6M,7M,8MHz
Modulation RF output level up to 0dBm
Supports PAPR adjustment for output signal
Modulation module is designed based on FPGA to ensure the stability of device
Adopt extra-large cache memory for both uniform and burst input stream
Self-adaptive filter circuit design ensures outstanding out-of-band rejection
Supports Web/SNMP-based network management and monitoring, online upgrade of embedded program