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More than just a point-to-point solutions, IQOYA *LINK is the ideal answer for highly reliable and manageable IP audio distribution infrastructures.


Key usages

For your mission critical program delivery, the IP audio approach makes sense as it offers a more flexible solution than traditional telecom or satellite links at a much lower TCO.

With dedicated, robust IP audio transmissions such as Digigram's FluidIP-based devices and availability of IP transport services from Telco providers, broadcasters are now able to build links they can count on.

Since the STL or SSL connot suffer from any dropout, Digigram offers the IQOYA *LINK, a 2-channel IP Audio Distribution Codec using FluidIPTM with multiple fail-over options.



Resulting from Digigram's widely acknowledged expertise in Audio quality, IQOYA *LINK is built on a rock-solid specialized hardware platform (ARM technology) including FluidIPTM, an IP audio streaming engine you can trust.


IQOYA *LINK highlights

  • Full duplex stereo IP audio codec
  • Low consumption, fan-less hardware design
  • High MTBF
  • Robust FluidIPTM audio streaming engine
  • 2 Ethernet IP ports for separate control trafic and IP audio streaming, or for backup network, or for redundant dual streaming
  • SDHC card reader for local backup (files and playlists)
  • 2 levels of backup with selectable sources and switching criteria
  • Comprehensive set of redundancy mechanisms:
  • Selectable FECs
  • Dual redundant streaming
  • Loss of packet compensation
  • Fraunhofer AAC error concealment
  • Ultra-low latency (e.g typical 10 mS analog end-to-end, with Enhanced-aptX)
  • In-band auxiliary data tunneling (RS232, GPIs)
  • Secure WEB access with user rights management
  • SNMP control and monitoring (SET, GET, traps)
  • Hardware by-pass in case of power failure