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AberSAN V30 3U ZFS IP SAN Video Storage Appliance

The AberSAN V30 IP SAN video storage appliance brings the simplicity of a network attached storage (NAS) solution to a SAN environment, optimized for the distinct needs of the security and surveillance industry. By combining Fibre Channel and iSCSI block level connections with multi-user network sharing, Aberdeen meets the technical needs of any major surveillance expansion program and reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by future proofing capacity limitations with unlimited storage expansion capabilities. The AberSAN provides enterprise class unified storage resources for centralized environments needing high-capacity protected storage alternative for any business involved with the planning, deployment and management of a security infrastructure and in need increasing data protection whilst reducing deployment costs.

Storage without limits

The Expanding Digital Video Surveillance Universe and continuing explosive growth of disk based storage means that limitations to legacy analog and vendor lock-in IP SAN storage systems are going to be critically important in the months and years to come. The AberSAN will future proof your security video storage needs by providing unlimited storage scalability with thin provisioning.



With AberSAN V-Series you can scale performance the same way that you scale performance of other applications by adding to hardware performance by increasing memory available or CPU performance or the number of targets available.

Multi-level data protection

AberSAN V-Series protects your organization’s data with features and capabilities ranging from the most granular, per transaction data integrity checks to higher level backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Inherent virtualization

AberSAN V-Series is built from the ground up on the revolutionary file system ZFS which means that virtualization is at the core of AberSAN V-Series. This virtualization enables thin provisioning and also improves performance via I/O pooling. This means that when you add more disks or systems to AberSAN V-Series the overall solution accelerates. Another benefit of AberSAN V-Series is that it can run within VMware or other virtualized environments.

AberSAN V-Series OS Highlights:

·         Shared pools of storage from any combination of storage hardware

·         Unlimited snapshots and clones

·         Unlimited file size

·         Block and file based replication

·         End to end data integrity

·         Thin provisioning

·         Integrated search

·         Hybrid storage pools via automated use of SSDs

·         Virtualization management

·         Cloud ready storage capabilities

·         In-line Deduplication

·         iSCSI Target Capable

Aberdeen IP SAN Server Virtualization

The virtualized version of the AberSAN IP SAN video storage system is pre-installed on this VMware Ready Certified Aberdeen server. Server Virtualization consolidates all the elements of an enterprise level shared storage and powerful features of the VMware ESX environment into a single server.



·         Pre-installed on a single VMware Ready Certified ESX Servers or on two or more VMware ESX Servers for high availability applications

·         Powered by NexentaStor 3.0 and optimized for virtualization environments

·         Storage-saving with ZFS in-line de-duplication (average 60-80%)

·         Unlimited snap-shots

·         Thin provisioning

·         Hybrid storage pooling

·         Native utilization of SSDs for higher performance.

·         Optional VM Data Center plug-in enables customers to manage VMware, Citrix Xen and Hyper-V environments from a single integrated management console.