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IDC Laser Two DVB-S/S2 IRD - SD/HD SDI Out - Đầu thu vệ tinh chuyên dụng

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LASER Two Ad Insertion Video Receiver

Professional Broadcast Distribution Video Receiver with Integrated Ad Playout Server.





    Professional Video Distribution

        Advertisement Insertion

            Regionalized Programming






                · Video distribution receiver, ad splicer and ad server in one device

                    · Frame accurate video splicing

                        · Targeted commercial inserts

                            · SCTE35 compliant

                                · ASI Input

                                    · ASI Output with splices (option)

                                        · 2 HD SDI

                                            · Integrated ad delivery

                                                · Content Storage

                                                    · BISS 1 decryption

                                                        · Blackout management

                                                            · MPEG2 and MPEG4

                                                                · Standard and High definition

                                                                    · Oneway and Twoway implementations (with a terrestrial back channel)

                                                                        · Affidavits of play

                                                                            · Closed Caption passthrough support

                                                                                · Video scaling

                                                                                    · Balanced Audio

                                                                                        · Alarm Relay






                                                                                          International Datacasting

                                                                                          SẢN PHẨM CÙNG LOẠI