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GOSPELL GT-5900 Series - DVB-T2 Digital TV UHF Transmitter

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GOSPELL’s GT-5900 series UHF Terrestrial DTV Broadband Transmitters has great variety of products, and inherit the high performance, high stability and high reliability of GOSPELL branded product series. It may work in any frequency within UHF span, and the transmitting bandwidth can be up to 80MHz. In co-operation with our latest technologies of RF delay and co-channel interference rejection, this system can fulfill the needs of multi-frequency simultaneous transmission and large area coverage, especially suitable for wide coverage terrestrial DTV network in areas with complex local terrain. 


This series of products with advance design and simplified architecture are small in size, with the advantage of lower noise, higher efficiency and outstanding anti-interference performance; support DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S, DTMB and other various modulation modes, thus have great flexibility and suitability in actual implementation.


Main Features:

470~860MHz wide-band design

Low power consumption with linear design, further improves transmitting power and minimize the non-linear distortion, to satisfy the transmission requirements of multi-frequency

Extreme low group delay for DTV signal transmission

Large and dynamic Auto Gain Control (AGC) circuit ensures stability of output power

Support both single and multiple channel DTV transmission system

Used for DTV signals from wideband retransmission, fiber, HFC, MMDS, etc., achieving low-cost DTV network covering

Modular design eases installation, on-site maintenance and power upgrade

Options to assort with functions such as over-excitation, over-current, over-heat, standing wave protections

Support local monitoring/detection

Support remote monitoring (optional)