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240 Watt POLYCRYSTALLINE SOLAR MODULE Wd (230 - 260 Watts)    

Whether barn or hall, the returns are sky high

The universal format and cost-optimised module design of this 60-cell solar module with polycrystalline cells cause it to stand out from the rest. With these characteristics it offers the best price / performance ratio for large roof or open space systems.



Excellent weak light performance

Excellent performance under low light conditions


High module conversion efficiency

Module efficiency up to 14.8% achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities

Suntech current sorting process

System output maximized by reducing mismatch losses up to 2% with modules sorted & packaged by amperage


Positive tolerance

Positive tolerance of up to 5% delivers higher outputs reliablity

Extended wind and snow load tests

Module certified to withstand extreme wind (3800 Pascal) and snow loads (5400 Pascal)

Withstanding harsh environment

Reliable quality leads to a better sustainability even in harsh environment like desert, farm and coastline