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PROWARE JBOB 3U 16Bays 6G SASII Enclosure SAS EP-3166J-S6S6

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※ Modular architecture
- Redundant hot-swappable components, power and cooling modules
- Easy-to-use and maintenance

※Power Supply
- Power supply and cooling system contained in 1 module for efficient cooling
- 500W power supplies to meet the future HDD power consumption

- Hardware expansion slots keeps you up-to-date on the latest technologies
- Incorporates a cableless design for maximum signal integrity

- Utilizes industry-standard SCSI enclosure services to monitor enclosure and disk environmental conditions

 The EPICa EP-3166J-S6S6 is a 19-inch 3U 16 bays rackmount JBOD unit. It features the latest SASII (6Gb/s) interface and designed to fit in with the environments which needed highly reliable and relentless data growth. The EP-3166J-S6S6 is also a versatile SAS2 / SATA3 Disk Expansion system, ideal for high capacity and scalability storage in IT demands. Based on the 6G SAS technology, the EP-3166J-S6S6 supporting the choice of SAS2 and SATA3 drive configurations to deliver the best cost-performance index with higher bandwidth.