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XeusCG Overview

XeusCG have simple, easy to use, intuitive  interface makes CG  and graphics playout operations  smooth and fast.
The software is designed not only for 24/7/365  automated graphics playback but also for manual intervention for Live Shows and  Events.
XeusCG have fit all broadcaster’s needs. Some  features such as Playlist mode or Page Designer specially developed for studio  operations.
Graphic  Thumbnail support, Playlist, Page Designer are few neat features to mention  about XeusCG.
Our Software is perfect fit for Studio CG Playback  or Master Control in TV Channels, Educational, and Governmental institutions as  well as Web TV, IP TV, Satellite Teleports, City Channels etc



XeusCG Features

Unlimited  number of text, image or graphics items supported with in the software

Smooth  change of item size, position, transparency, background or view area

Smooth  item edges for better display on low-resolution devices

Various  IN/OUT effects: ( Cut, Fade , Blur , Move ,Squeeze )

Composition  Design Page allows to create and play CG objects  with page display logic

Scaling  or cropping of input video to squeeze into an overlay graphics

Date,  time, Counters, Stop watch display

Change  item properties (text, font, size, color, etc.) during playback or design

Scaling  without quality loss (for all available item types excluding raster images)

Several  scaling modes with automatic adjustment to the input video's aspect ratio

Textures  support for text or graphics fill, outline and background

Item  references to save resources and simplify management/control

Interlaced  video support (for smooth transitions, movements, etc.)

XML-based  configuration makes integration with 3rd party applications

Overlay  custom dynamic images (such as 3D animations) (Coming Soon )

Advanced  support for news tickers (crawls, rolls and various other types)

Automatic  data pulling for ticker and static text content ( TXT , RSS , XML )

Grouping  of items for complex overlay designs makes complex design easy.

Control  Acceleration during change of item position.

Smooth  fade in/fade out of moving items (such as crawls and rolls) via custom area  masks

Compositions  support for easier overlay design management, smooth transitions between compositions

Scaling  of text without quality loss, Outlined text supported

Various  text scaling modes (word-break, maintain aspect ratio, exact fit, scale to fit, scaling or  item size change upon text update)

Text  and object effects available: Shadow, Glow, Motion Blur, Rotation, etc.

Gradient  fill for text, outline and background (with transparency)

HTML  support to enable rich text formatting or images within a single text item

Supported  shapes: rectangular, round, ellipse, polygons, stars, etc.

Supported  File formats: BMP (with alpha), JPEG, TGA (with alpha), GIF (animated, with  alpha), TIFF, WMF, EXIF and PNG (with alpha)

Support  for image sequences such as TGA , PNG sequence.

Resizing  of images during playback



XeusCG Specifications

Graphic Objects




Clock – Counter

Static Text

Static Image

Scaling and Resize – Squeeze Back

Video File or Input  signal can be overlaid.

FILL & KEY outputs for connecting CG to master control switchers

Also internal KEY option available


Supported Video Cards                

Decklink HD Extreme 3D, Decklink 4K ( External Fill and Key Supported )

Decklink Quad , Decklink Duo,  Decklink Studio, Decklink HD Extreme , Intensity Pro (Internal Keying Only)

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows XP, 7 or 8

CPU: Intel i7 (for HD video), Intel i5 (for SD video)

RAM: DDR3 4GB or more

Video card: DirectX 9 compatible (for preview only) with the latest version   of drivers. Nvidia chipset recommended.

Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V PRO motherboard or similar

Hard drive: Sata2 - Sata3