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When data center real-estate counts, T-Finity offers you unsurpassed storage density and the smallest footprint through a unique and highly efficient library design. Instead of using traditional slots, Spectra uses innovative "shelves" and TeraPack® containers in place of individual cartridges. This approach gives T-Finity industry-best density, storing as much as 1,264 TB per square foot and providing a 25% to 89% improvement in data center floor space utilization relative to other offerings.



The highly compact library design is also built to fit into a standard rack-based layout, fitting collocated and standardized data center designs that don't easily accommodate non-standard equipment footprints. These significant space-saving benefits allow you to re-task floor space for operations other than storage.



T-Finity's form factor provides not only the greatest storage density and smallest footprint, but also offers a significant height advantage where ceiling elevation is a concern.


T-Finity is designed with an any-frame, any-location mentality. Configure master, media and drive frames in any arrangement, letting you design the library to serve your requirements. Service frames are added on both ends of the library to support any necessary hot replacement of robotic assemblies during operation. Additionally, the service bays offer bulk entry/exit capability and the ability to add additional frames for more capacity without powering off the library.