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Tổ phát điện gió 6KW -Bergey wind power Excel 6

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An Exceptional Performer

The new Bergey Excel 6 is ideal for smaller and more efficient homes, farms, and small businesses. Its extra large rotor and ultra low cut-in wind speed give it exceptional performance, out producing all other turbines in its class.

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Smaller, more efficient homes

Connected to the grid, the Bergey Excel 6 can provide most of the electricity for smaller, more efficient homes that use less electricity than the average-sized home. The 6 kW Powersync II inverter is the most advanced in the industry and it carries a full UL certification to the latest utility standards.

Small wind systems qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit, making them an even more affordable investment.

Smaller, more efficient farms and businesses

The Excel 6′s extra large rotor and ultra low cut-in wind speed make it an exceptional performer and a wise investment for smaller, more efficient farms and businesses. Grants are available for agricultural producers and rural small businesses through the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program. For more information click here.

Small wind systems also qualify for accelerated depreciation, making it more affordable than ever for businesses to offset their electricity costs.



The Excel 6 is most often installed on a guyed-lattice tower, which is available in heights of 18m (60ft) to 49m (160ft).

Tilt-up versions of these towers are available for sites without crane access.

Self-supporting lattice towers and monopoles are also available in heights of 18m (60ft) to 49m (160ft).

Customers may also supply their own towers if they follow BWC’s basic tower requirements for the Excel 6 turbine.