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TELIKOU MDS-400 - 2.4G Four Channel Full-duplex Wireless Intercom

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MDS-400 Four Channel Full Duplex Wireless Main Station

TELIKOU MDS-400 4 channel wireless intercom main station adopts 2.4GHz frequency. It is full two-way audio transmitter and receiver. MDS-400 is suitable for stage communication, outside broadcast van, show, and other applications where wireless communication is required.

Each MDS-400 can work with four BK-2400 wireless belt pack together.

TELIKOU MDS-400 is a digital full-duplex four channel 2.4G wireless intercom system.
It can carry up to four BK-2400 belt pack. It also can connect with external 2-wire and 4-wire wired system.


Channel control button;

Panel headset connector;

Microphone Vox Control;

Auxiliary audio input;

2-wire/4-wire connector;


Technical Specification

Power Input: 85~230V

Radio Specifications

1. General

1) RF Input/output Impedance is 50Ohms TELIKOU MDS-400 Wireless Main Station 6

2) RF 75CHs Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum(FHSS) in RF Operation Frequency Band

3) Transmitting Modulation Data Rate is 576Kbps

4) Modulation is GFSK,BT=0.6

5) RF Operation Frequency Range is from 2401.808203~2479.398926MHz, Frequency Space is 891.871 KHz. 350m in opened area.

2. Transmitting


Transmitting Power (NTP): 20+/-4 dBm

Frequency Deviation: +/-190 KHz

Frequency Offset: +/-10KHz(CW Mode)

RF Output 20dBc Bandwidth: <=- 30dBm RF 1st & 2nd Order

Harmonic Output Level: <=- 30dBm