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OSEE HMV260 Multi-Screen controller

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OSEE’s HMV260 Video Wall Processor is a high performance video processing workstation with pure hardware architecture for spectacular video wall displaying which can be employed in fields including education and research, government announcement, information publishing, exhibition and show, controlling and commanding center, security monitoring, etc.
Advanced image processing technologies such as high definition video signal collecting, real time and high resolution digital image processing ,and advanced three-dimensional digital filtering are integrated in HMV260. Moreover, it also employs large-capacity, high-speed FPGA and CrossPoint switch to ensure the real-time processing of all input signal and the consistency of the data, leading to no image delay, discretization, frame loss, which guarantee excellent video displaying.
HMV260 features excellent image quality, 32bit/pixel color sampling depth and some useful functions including TCP/IP control, dynamic adjustment of the window size, frame and title adding and so on, which make HMV260 the best choice for middle and large scale LCD, LED and DLP video wall display.
System Connection
OSEE’s HMV260 processor is the core equipment in the multi-screen system. 
HMV260 supports VGA, DVI, SDI, HDMI, CVBS, YPbPr and twisted pair from various video equipments. It is compatible with a lot of signals ranging from low-res monitoring analog video to HD-res digital signal. Different chassis are available to meet different requirements. The software can also control extra traditional matrix switchers when they are cascade (RS232) to the processor, so the larger scale system can be reestablished.
HMV260 can manage and control the system via Tricolor control platform software, and it can be cascade to manage the matrix from the main companies.
RRTA Technology 
Cross-screen Displaying
Roaming Freely
16 Images Split 
Image Zoom
Picture in Picture
Graphic Cropping
Four Windows per Screen
FPGA Architecture
Flexible Plugging Card Structure
CrossPoint Switch
Various Models Available
High-performance Professional Chip
Input Signal Preview
Ultra-high Dynamic HD Input
Seamless and Real-time Switching
Frequency Doubling and Upscaling Function
Redundant Power Supply
Hot-Plugging Design 
EDID Management
Scenes Saving, Loading, and Displaying in Loop
Administrative Authority Classification  
Character Superimposition
Ultra-high Resolution Background Image 
Input:DVI;Dual-link DVI;HD-SDI;Twisted-pair Video Transmission Technology;VGA;HDMI;CVBS;YPbPr
HD-SDI;DVI-I;Twisted-pair Video Transmission Technology