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From the initial network applied to present the professional operation of Metro Ethernet, Ethernet has penetrated into every corner of the network, has gradually become the main network technology and service type. Along with the transmission rate and quality of service requirements increase, in Ethernet deployment using increasingly sophisticated and scope expanding situation, how fast and effective assessment of Ethernet transmission quality and business capacity, become the outstanding issue of Ethernet service management.

In order to better address Ethernet and IP network test problems, Dadi telecommunication has launched a series of Ethernet testing products, and through the flexible combination of various products, to solve the user in the engineering wiring, commissioning and maintenance, fault diagnosis of common problems. On this basis, Dadi telecommunication the latest development of CNMS7310 concentration test platform, to provide Ethernet integrated monitoring solutions, help the user to quickly and effectively monitoring cyber source utilization, network performance, timely detection of network problems, and provide data support for operation optimization.

Dadi Ethernet integrated monitoring solution is concentrated by CNMS7310 test platform, with the help of Dadi provides a probe apparatus, as well as a variety of testing instruments and equipment, to meet customers on Ethernet and IP network and business comprehensive monitoring needs. Real time monitoring network performance, the unified management of network alarm, to provide a full range of monitoring and fault location. Regularly perform network performance, network application layer testing, system function test. In the network at the same time the link to be tested, support multiple tasks, the test results are unified analysis. Support for single loop, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and other test mode. Using B/S architecture, distributed deployment, implementation of test instrumentation centralized management, and further to realize the automation of test, and greatly improve the test efficiency, in order to bring a new test experience.