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System overview:

With the continuous improvement of social informationization, computer system quantity grow with each passing day, the environment is also increasing, the equipment room environment ( such as power supply system, power supply, air conditioning, UPS fire systems, security systems ) must always be for computer systems to provide a normal operating environment. Therefore, the engine room power and environment monitoring is very important.

Room environment and power equipment monitoring system is mainly to the engine room equipment ( such as power supply system, power supply, lightning protection devices, UPS air-conditioning, fire systems, security access control system) running condition, temperature, humidity, cleanliness, power supply voltage, current, frequency, power distribution system switch state, leak detection system in real-time monitor and record the historical data, to realize the remote monitoring and control room management functions, for the computer room and efficient management and operation to provide a strong guarantee.

System function:

Room dynamic environmental monitoring platform is the core of the solution components, from the engine room room dynamic environmental monitoring platform of three-dimensional map of the perspective of machine room of power environment data real time monitoring, environmental sensors for real-time data, Menci / smoke, switch, intelligent equipment and real-time video data for effective integration, to achieve dynamic environmental monitoring data and video monitoring data integrated monitoring.

Room dynamic environmental monitoring platform features include:

+ environmental monitoring ( temperature and humidity, smoke, water immersion, infrared burglar alarm, access control )

+ power monitoring ( AC / DC distribution screen, DC communication power supply)

+ video surveillance (general, HD )

+ ntelligent monitoring equipment ( UPS, precision air conditioning, carrier wave machine)

+ alarm management

+ report management

+ system management

System characteristics:

+ multi-stage isolation technology, monitoring system monitoring equipment fault will not be affected;

+ the use of the system software and modify the monitoring system without knowledge of specialized software, the user can change ( due to engine room equipment position, type, graphics, room structure) or because of the increased equipment ( within limits ), increased monitoring points, and the freedom to change monitoring system;

+ dual structure interface mode, the user can adopt C/S or B/S ( IE browser client client access ). The C/S client provides a three-dimensional view mode, enhance the user's visual experience;

+ system front end module used military technology design and production, quality stable and reliable;

+ front end data acquisition module with a liquid crystal display or indicating lamp, is convenient for the user to view the scene data; acquisition module in this collection amount is converted into digital quantity, make the system anti-interference ability greatly enhanced;

+ monitor host built-in WEB Server, support the installation of IE remote administration and local management;

+ monitor host built-in telephone voice message alarm module, can be realized through simple setting alarm management;

+ monitor host built-in temperature and humidity sensor real time monitoring host their own internal temperature and humidity, can realize the running environment of system self-check function, ensure the system safe and stable operation of;

+ warning grading management. Users can set different alarm parameters, different alarm level, for the same parameters, can also be set multistage alarm. Support voice, sound, interface, telephone, SMS, E-mail prompts a variety of alarm forms;

+ warning navigation function. System alarm, the system alarm flashing prompt can be conveniently positioned to alarm the node management interface;

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